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Do you have complete information to start your research? Even if you have only a few facts, and its will just be the basis for tiny archival research, and not for large and expensive projects? Genealogists will assistance you discover answers to these questions and assistance you in the initial stages of any investigation.

Our company has a group of historians who are able to gather information within Ukraine and the countries of the former Soviet. The data of these investigations is one of the key elements that will assistance to start your genealogical research. The archives contain unique information about all the “tags” that each person could have left, such as records of birth, marriage, death and much more.

Our staff can assistance you a family tree or diagram for you to indicate your research results. We can also propose a “family book”, it’s an organized chronicle of all the moments of family history. It consists of photographs, life stories, full information, etc. This book is the best way to share your discoveries with family and friends.